Compost Tea Recipes

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Welcome to O.G.’s Compost Tea Recipe Blog!

We’ve decided to share some of our favorite compost tea recipes, including recipes that are referred to us by customers. Posted recipes may vary by season, method, strength/dilution, intended use, application, volume, etc. So if you have a recipe you would like to share, please email us!

General information regarding our recipe posts:
We prefer Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT), therefore the majority (if not all) of our posts will be AACT recipes. To successfully brew AACTs you will need an air pump and air stone(s) to supply a constant flow of oxygen to the brew.

When brewing compost tea, it can be helpful to stir in the liquid ingredients first, then fill your reusable O.G. Tea Bag with the solid ingredients and submerge it in the container to brew. Allow the compost tea to brew for 24-36 hrs with a constant flow of oxygen. Once the brew develops a nice head/foam/bubbles on the surface, it should be ready for use.

If a particular recipe is strong enough that it must be diluted, it will be stated in the post. Many of our recipes will not require dilution, however if you prefer to dilute these recipes, feel free!

And finally, all posted recipes are courtesy of O.G. Tea Bags unless otherwise stated. If we post recipes from other sources, the recipes will be properly credited to their author. If you choose to repost any of our recipes, please credit O.G. Tea Bags or the author of that particular recipe.

Thanks & Enjoy!

Fungal Compost Tea Recipe

Apply this fungal compost tea to trees and woody shrubs (not recommended for seedlings) to boost vegetative growth. All ingredient measurements are per gallon of water unless otherwise stated.

1/4 lb. mushroom compost
1-2 tbsp worm castings
1-2 tbsp molasses
1-2 tbsp fish powder
1/4 lb. alfalfa meal
1-2 tbsp soybean meal

-Courtesy O.G. Tea Bags

Bacterial/Fungal Compost Tea Recipe

Apply this bacterial compost tea to your plants throughout the growing season to stimulate vegetative growth. Not recommended for seedlings or immature plants. All measurements indicate the amount needed per gallon of water unless otherwise stated.

1-2 tbsp high N Bat Guano
1-2 tbsp high N Sea Bird Guano
4 tbsp Crab Meal
4 tbsp Fish Meal
1 tbsp Oyster Shell
1-2 tbsp Molasses

Note: For a fungal tea, simply add 1 tbsp of mycorrhizae per 5 gallons of water.

-Courtesy O.G. Tea Bags

Simple Compost Tea Recipe

This bacterial compost tea is ideal for giving your plants the boost they need to stimulate vegetative growth. It can be used early in the growing season (spring and early summer). All measurements indicate the amount needed per gallon of water unless otherwise stated.

1-2 tbsp High Nitrogen Bat Guano
1-2 tbsp High Nitrogen Sea Bird Guano
1-2 tbsp Worm Castings
1-2 tbsp Molasses

Note: For a simpler recipe, you can substitute high nitrogen compost if you don’t have access to guano or worm castings.

-Courtesy O.G. Tea Bags